Krav Maga Training Testimonials


"...what attracted me to Krav Maga was the fact that it focuses on real life scenarios, such as off-guard attacks, multiple attackers, and defense against weapons. I was more interested in learning to protect myself and my family in a crisis rather than taking martial arts for sports purposes. The Krav Maga Novi family has been very welcoming, and the instructors are actually interested in making sure every student is performing the techniques correctly. The class has built my confidence ...mentally as well in focusing my energy 100% in everything I do. I'm very pleased with my decision and learning the different moves are a fun way to exercise and build confidence." Derrick R.

"I joined in March 2012. I am 50 years old. Because of the Krav Maga training system, I am in better shape now than I have ever been in my life. I feel more confident than ever that I could protect my family, myself, and others against multiple attackers. Oh yes one more thing, I can eat whatever I want because I know I will be burning off the carbs in class." Jon K.

"On behalf of Hille at Western Michigan University, I wanted to thank you for teaching the introduction (to Krav Maga) class. The student participants truly learned the basics of Krav Maga and enjoyed themselves. We hope that we are able to collaborate again in the future. Thank you again." Caryn K.


From the Krav Maga Worldwide site:

“My opinion is that Krav Maga Self Defense System as taught by you, is, was, and has been by far the best.”  Deputy M-LA County Sheriff’s Department, Force Training Unit


“Krav Maga tactics should be the foundation for all law enforcement agencies. The ease with which they can be learned, retained and implemented, combined with their effectiveness is unparalleled.”  Special Agent J.K., United States Secret Service


“Fitness that’s fun.”  Los Angeles Times



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